How the hell do u enjoy playing this game?

when i play a td with no armor or mobility i have to be a bush camper and most games i cant even shoot at more than 1 guy,

when i play a heavy, im trying to fight the other heavies but the other heavies are just hull down camping in one spot the whole game without moving AT ALL, and now that they had to add more tanks with extra op armor AKA italian td s its gotten to another level where i basicly give up when i see one

when i do feel like i can actually advance the field in a heavy and make a difference im just getting spammed by arty

starting a new tech tree line is fucking hell since the lower tiers are full of some tryhards that only play lower tiers and only play in some oldass op tanks, and you wet wayy too little xp from games when youre low tier anyway,

playing without premium feels useless, doing well in a battle and still losing credits every game in tier 10 and 9 is just depressing, grinding tank lines knowing i could get 4x more xp everyday just from the daily win bonuses that premium gives also depressing

im just really close to quitting this shit

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