How to counter the T-34-85M as a M4A3E8

One of the most common Prem tier VI meds I‘ve been encountering as an M4A3E8 is the T-34-85m and its one of the toughest opponent for my tank.

Heavy Tanks and Tank destroyers like the VKs, the KVs and even the Jagpanthers/Jagdpanthers arent as hard to take down frontally with the 76mm gun since they have weakspots or are vulnerable to my gun’s DPM damage. However, the T-34-85m has little to no practical weakspots I could really exploit frontally at all.

Loading gold works really well against the T-34-85m for sure, but I’d rather not rely on Gold that often. Especially since I limit my tanks to carrying 3-6 gold rounds per game only.

My question is if it even is possible to counter a T-34-85 M frontally with the 76mm M1A2 at all. Is there a hidden weakspot I could exploit or am I forced to flee and let my team’s heavier hitting guns do the work instead?

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