How to get more influential in battles?

So I know this is kind of a very popular question or at least very basic one, but still, as a player with just over 1100 battles, I wonder, if any of more experienced players here would like to share something they maybe wish they knew when they were at the beginning, like myself.

I don’t consider myself as a good player, maybe average or a bit below it, but I do tend to have a good idea about how a game works, kinda how to position myself and such, yet, of course, my lack of experience is visi, especially in higher tiers…

So I wonder, any tips or at least words of encouragement on improving and learning with a quick pace? I realise that investing time and effort in game is necessary to become better, but I was just wondering if there is maybe something you wanted to know whem you were at my stage of experience:)

Thank you all in advance 🙂

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