How to go from blue to unicum

Just looking to get some tips for becoming a purple God. I am currently playing at about 2200 WN8 which I am extremely happy with. I returned to the game in 2018 and was barely orange. But I feel like I have began to stall, my recent WN8 has stopped climbing and I feel like there is often little I can do in a game to improve my chances of winning, which I am not already doing.

As it stands, I feel like I could reach purple if I was to only play tier VIII+, spam gold, premium consumables, only play my best tanks, never grind stock, only play on Aus never play on Asia server, etc.

I know that you can reach unicum without all this and so I am looking for the magical tips that took you from great to legendary through increasing your fundamental skill in the game. Tomato gg for the curious

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