How to KV-1S?

So I’m somewhat experienced with WOT, mostly on console. When I got to PC, I decided to go down to Soviet heavy line that I never finished due to console getting ruined, but I’ve sort of reached a stump with the KV-1S. I’ve got Vents, Rammer and Turbo and I’m using the derpy 122, however I’m having trouble dealing any damage. The gun just rarely penetrates and doesn’t due any damage, maybe like 50 but that’s it. I use HE since I have enough credits to spam gold but I actually want to conside buying the IS.

Is it worth it to keep grinding with the derp? It feels like after the HE nerf it’s just super hard without using HEAT. The 85 has really bad DPM but at least I feel I can actually do something.

Also, how should I play? Corner peeking usually gets me targeted and killed pretty quickly, and playing like a medium gets me rushed by other mediums and killed quickly. Is this just the fate of the KV-1S?

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