How to play Frontline?

It’s my first FL and I can’t get my head over what’s going on.

I’m playing ShPTK, T-34-3, Caernarvon AX and Patriot. What am I supposed to do in battle?

Whenever I want to find a good position myself, like in Randoms, I get crossfired.

When I defend I try to take HTs, but that doesn’t work as I often get cought on open field. When I attack I try to stick with groups of other players but that often leads me to getting annihilated or not getting enough damage.

I try to use all those abilities, but only Airstrike-like skills seem useful.

And I’ve heard this game mode is good for grinding credits? But after 3 long games, playing only premiums without food and gold, with Premium Account and Credit Booster, all I managed to gain was 800K. I can get more in my Patriot in 1h of Randoms with those conditions.

What to do? Is it even worth it to play?

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