How to play… Heavy Tanks?

When started my WoT adventure I went for USSR HTs, as everyone recommended. Learned a lot from them. But long story short, after my first 2MoE on IS-3 I switched to LTs to learn even more and get some fresh view.

Now, when I played enough of LTs I decided to go back to HTs for a moment and…

…I’m feeling like tomato again.

I played with a few of my HTs but at the end I focused on ST-I, as I remembered it as my favourite. But after playing it I think my memory messed up my picture of this tank.

It has two things: gun and armor. But they just can’t work at the same time. When I start a battle with ST-I I feel like someone is rolling a dice, and it’s gonna be either 5k bounced 10 shots missed or magic snaps on the full move but getting frontally penned by Tier VII tanks.

I found similar problem with every other heavy. Being invincible but hitting nothing or snapping everyone’s cupola but evaporating in 30 seconds.

How can I make it work?

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