How to play high DPM medium tanks?

I’ve been struggling with how to be effective in low alpha, high DPM medium tanks (like the T-44, Sta-1, etc). I do fine with other types of meds (430, leopard, standard b, batchat) but I don’t really understand how to use the slightly faster reload times of these tanks to my advantage.

Usually when people get hit in the side/back they pull into cover pretty fast so I can only get one shot off. Or if I catch someone crossing in the open there’s maybe enough time to shoot them twice with an autoloader but only enough time to do one shot even with a high DPM tank.

I can do 2-for-1 hp trades by brawling sometimes but these tanks don’t really have armor or good pen and it feels pretty bad to be forced to trade my hp (especially risky if they have backup)

Overall I haven’t seen too many situations I’ve been in where I felt like I couldn’t have done better in a higher alpha tank. Any tips?

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