How to play HTs in Tiers 9-10?

I don’t have a lot of Tier 9s. Among them are the Leo 1 and AMX 30 1er, which play more like sniper mediums, and the Char Futur 4 and AMX 50 120, which are autoloaders.

After doing well in both the AMX 65t and the Liberte in Tier 8, I found myself struggling to perform at the same level with the AMX M4 51. It is by no means a bad tank but even hulldown I struggle to battle it out with other HTs (mainly due to my cupola somehow getting hit by derpy russian HT guns even when wiggling). I think this is more due to my unfamiliarity to the higher Tiers, especially with the frontline HT role.

Any tips from the jump from Tier 8 to Tier 9-10? It seems like a lot of tanks have absolutely no way to be penned (without gold) and their weakspots are almost impossible to hit

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