How to play LT when you cant compete?

Imagine youre playing any t8 light tank. You have CVS, optics and exhaust. Your crew has recon, awerness, max camo. you use food. You get on a map like Pilsen where your job is to spot the alley for your meds and tds. You move slowly through the green with your gun line moving behind you. Elc even 90 spots you without you spotting them and you get killed in less than a second.

Was there something you couldve done to outplay the enemy light? Could you have just abandon the flank and wait for the enemy team to come to you and tried to defend near your base where enemies have many ways to attack you?

My question is what do you do in those games where right from the loading screen you know you have zero chance to win the lt duel. Do you just go on another flank depriving your team of vision? Do you hang back waiting the whole enemy team at your door step?

Please provide answers with examples like “if you cant outspot the enemy light on Prokhorovka try this” if you can thx

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