How to play LTTB?

tl;dr: I fucking suck at playing LTTB, how do I git gud?

I swear, I’m losing my sanity over this one.

Against LT-432s, Even 90s and EBR 75s I can’t take an offensive spotting position at the beginning, so I want to start out passive like a really shitty TD/Medium-hybrid. Now I have to wait for my team to clear the map a bit to give me some space to move. If my team sucks: Shame. Get into a defensive position and try to do some damage before getting trampled down like a little bug.

Problem: It doesn’t matter, if I’m behind one, two, three bushes or behind the whole fucking bush line on Proko – it feels like even a KV-2 outspots you there the second you dare to shoot. Youre a bigass fucking target, theres no way to travel unspotted because your giant turret peeks out behind every damn hill.

Result: 671 dpg, 38% winrate after 22 games and I haven’t been this frustrated in months.

Then again since I hear a lot about the LTTB being underrated, it’s probably a me problem – so how do I affect the game from the start? I feel like I start out way too passive, but I have no clue on how to be more active without posting a big glowing “slap me back to the garage asap”-sign above my head.

(Setup: CVS, Optics, LNE, Crew with full BiA, Camo, Recon, SitAwareness and all the other shit you usually need)

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