How to properly play the T-10?

So finally I decided to buy the T-10 after having it unlocked but focusing on other tanks instead.

I already have it fully upgraded thanks to mostly free xp. I’m not doing terribly, but I feel like I’m not getting the most of it. I know it’s a “heavyum” but I don’t fully understand what it means. I don’t know how exactly to utilize it and thus my brain usually defaults to following other heavies…

So where should I go? Should I follow medium tanks? Should I stick behind heavies and give fire support? Are there other areas that suit this playstyle best? Also what’s the best choice for equipment? (Currently: rammer, stabilizer, and vents)

It just seems this tank is not talked about at all so that’s why I’m asking here instead of watching 2+ year old YouTube guides especially because the meta has changed a lot.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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