How to reach tier 8+ tanks in reasonable amount of time? (xbox series X)

Hi tank lovers, I have been palying wot like 6-7 years ago. Now I’am back and Im courious what is the easyest way to reach lets say Tier 8+ tank so I can really enjoy game in all aspects for the first time. Im working so I have no problem to pay a little bit. Lets say Im willing to pay 100€ in first month to kick things up.

Can you suggest me how to reach my goal? I already googled info about how to gain tank XP (hit shots, spot tanks, etc.) But I really dont know if I shloud buy 2,3,5x XP boosters, loot boxes, premiums… I also read about premium tanks – something about grinding XP with them, then pay gold to transfer it to free XP. I will be very happy if you can help me here.

(Im playing on xbox series X)


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