How to slow down the game?

So, we all know how much of a speedrun this game has become and how annoying it is to only have 4~6 minutes of match.

The reason for this is because of the scaling of DPM (at least IMHO), tanks nowdays have way too much DPM in comparison to their HP, which is simply outrageous. (Not to mention that premium rounds became much cheaper since then, which made such damage be achieved more frequently)

To put it into perspective, back in 2017, tanks could only boost their damage per minute by 20% (Rammer + Vents + Food + BiA). As such, a T110E5 with its 2502 DPM could pump that up to 3077, which used to be a pretty good value back then. Nowadays, add that up to the new equipment, and you got an E5 that has 3677 DPM. Thanks to the new equipment, any vehicle can get a nice bonus of 25,5% to its firerate.

With such additions come in and their HP staying the same, mistakes are much more punishing and will end up in these steamrolls.

How can WG fix it?

It is simple, jusr nerf DPM across the board. Excluding a few tanks, many of them are reloading way too fast for their damages, meaning they can melt any Healthbar that might be on their way. By doing such, the time to kill would be increased back to what it used to, reducing the team stomps significantly.

What about premium tanks? Well, I used Tier X vehicles for my example, but for that matter, premium vehicles can also be nerfed in that situation since it is not a nerf to them, but a game rebalancing. In other words, they aren’t becoming bad, but since the game will slown down, and they are part of said game, they will also slow down (except tanks with with less than 1700 DPM, these are fine as they are).

Another way to do such is by increasing HP across the board. Give all tanks a respectful buff to their hitpoints, since the rate of fire became so high, why not give it a bigger sponge to soak it up better? Give all tanks a 10%~20% HP buff and for those in the lower end of DPM, just increase it.

That’s my idea, what would you do to slow the game down.

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