“How to ?”… the Ranked Battles

Hi. I need an advice. I am an average “schmo” with 1300-1400 recent WN8 with around 10k battles since 2012, but 6k in last 2 years. (returning player)

My target is clear, I want to get to the 2nd division in Ranked to be able to use my bonds for buying tanks. But I am a bit affraid of the changes, only 2 weeks instead of 3 and 10vs10 (didn’t tried when it was tested)

Do you have any advices how to play them with STB, Prog65, TVP 50/51, Strv 103B, Leopard 1 or E50M? I have also some other T X (like E100, JPzE100, Grille, Obj430U, …) but I guess they are not competitive in ranked.

Any general advice how to play? In 10vs10, is it about redlining, or better brawling and close combat? I know I should not play since day 1, because the experience may be hard, but if we have just 2 weeks, will there be enough time to get to 2nd div for an average player if I can play only like 15-20 battles a day?

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