How’d you do in ranked?

Soooo. I played exactly 100 games in ranked, not counting the 20 qualifier games (of which I was only on 2 winning teams).

I have decided I will only play the qualifier games in the next ranked to get the credits. Why?It seems that I am cursed in this mode. Of 100 games, only 21 winning teams. I had the non-pleasure of being on wayy too many teams where the game was over ~3.5 minutes in.

Of those 21 wins, I gained 18 chevrons. Of the 79 losses, I gained 8 chevrons, and lost enough to stall out at rank 5 of the first division (Lowest division).

Now, I’m not great, I averaged about 2K per game overall, a handful of real good games 3.5K+, and a handful of games where I loaded in and was back in the garage 90 seconds later O_O..

Anyone do worse?

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