Huge connectivity issues.

So I freshly installed GameCenter and WoT again after years of not touching it and I can barely even open the game. Basically, I can only sporadically log in, most of the time getting “Server does not respond. Try again later”. Trying to join another server then results in blocking due to allegedly being already logged in in the previous “session”. Even when I manage to log in (I have to restart the game to even have a chance), I’ll get disconnected right after finding a battle, before the loading screen.

Note I’m playing on WiFi (no ethernet port on laptop) of decent speed, ping and tracert come back with ~50 ms which is fine and the connection is stable. I’ve tried flushing DNS cache, made exceptions and opened ports for WoT in every possible way (I only use Windows Defender), running as admin and directly from the .exe, nothing seems to work.

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