HYPNO is recruiting for the upcoming CWs season!

HYPNO on NA is currently looking for more active members to fill out both team 1 and team 2 for this up coming clan wars season! Are you a player stuck in the overflow team? Someone looking to get more priority battles? Looking to move from a casual clan to a competitive clan? Looking to try CWs for the first time? Un-clanned looking for a home? Then HYPNO is the place for you!!!

Priority goes to anyone who is committed for the entire CWs season 13FEB – 27FEB.

Current clan requirements:

300+ games at tier 6 in the last 30

1 Tier 10 minimum. (We would prefer more and of the competitive selection)

Willingness to help and learn

Hit me or reclusi0n_ up here or in game!

Get lost chasing wins!

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