HYPNO on NA is recruiting!

HYPNO is a new clan looking for active members looking to participate in Skirmishes and Advances. Were taking any and all skills level with the goal of making us all better!

Are you a new player looking to improve? We’ll take ya!

Are you a competitive player looking to try out calling or becoming a caller? We’ll take ya!

Are you an old dog trying to get back into the game? We’ll take ya!

Are you a player who has no interest in participating in anything? We’ll take ya and we’ll pop booster for ya!

Comment username below, Message me here on Reddit or in game to zakoattak0, my XO DeepfriedPotato_42 or my recuitment Officer HOG_WYLDE, apply via the wargaming clan portal, Send a smoke signal, anything!

P.S. I apologize to the RDDT clan team for this weak move to gain members from their community. Also thank you for your awesome community!

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