I advice anyone to reconsider playing this game.

After 7 years of playing this game and hearing what players of 14 years have to say, every update feels like one step forward and two steps back.

There is no player support from Wargaming, I would not be surprised if they took down the servers tomorrow, they care nothing about your time or money, only that you give it to them.

The meta of the game has shifted so far in favour of premium supertanks and physics defying speedy tanks, they make every other tank painful to play against them.

Clan wars is a joke, for years now it is just the same handful of tanks, chieftan, 279(e), EBR 105…

For a game with over 500 unique tanks, WG take almost all the enjoyment away from playing 80% of them, most of them are just stepping stones to a supertank, never to be played again.

Why have a game with all these tanks if most of them are only played a handful of times or not at all, there is so little incentive to play them, for example: All my low tier Czech tanks are all unlocked with random blueprints I got over my time playing, my first Czech tank is a tier 7.

Everything that made this game enjoyable is slowly being eroded with each patch, tanks removed from the tech tree, weakspots removed from armour models, SPGs becoming more annoying (to face and play, requiring zero skill but also zero impact on the match), EBRs generally ruining the game for 90% of the playerbase.

So if you are a new player or thinking of playing this game, don’t, play literally any other game and it will be more rewarding. The only reason I play? I’m autistic and I like tanks… maybe a good portion of the WoT player base are like me and simply put up with the bullshit because the visuals are nice and the tanks look and sound great…

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