I am now a true scumbag.

True scumbaggery have finally been achieve

Of the tanks I have 3-marked, this one have actually been one of the hardest ones, way harder then EBR75 for example.

The tank is just stupid, and arty in general it stupid and WG really need to do something about arty. And since I know have some knowledge and skill in arty play (3-marked an arty) I would say arty need to change. One of the main changes should aim to make arty less popular in the playerbase, preferably by making it harder to play and achieve results in.

I would like current changes.

1: Siege mode: Arty, especially american arty, can’t shoot outside of it and can’t move in it. Narrow gun-arc arty doesn’t need this however, like some of the German arties.

2: Range: Nerf range considerably on most/all arty. Give arty a range of 600-800m. roughly. Maybe up to 900m for very slow arty. But none of the T6 arty needs more then 600m range, they are mobile enough anyway.

3: Remove the stun mechanic: It just completely halts pushes and is way to effective in just stopping an enemy teams try at going forward. Enemy tanks go forward, you stun them, these tanks can’t shoot, reload is forever.

4: Make arty tracers way more visible, and show on minimap where arty shoots from. Coupled with the range nerf to arty, counter arty won’t be very effective anyway, but this change can help light tanks and medium tanks locate arty and spot them (depending on map).

5: Never have missions that requires arty to be played (ie, stun missions).

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