I am searching for information regarding game logic and need help :)


this might be a bit unusual, but Im interested in how the game logic regarding the calculation of the ballistic curve ingame works, specially the zeroing process. I tried to get some insight in the topic, but there isnt really much public information available. Whether this is because of lack of interest or a deliberate decision I could not determine.

Is there someone present in this Subreddit that can help me with this? I have two hypothesis that I would like to investigate regarding this and also understand the whole process better.
So maybe a mod developer tackled this topic already or there is an article in a different language that I couldnt find so far.

Specifically Im want to investigate whether a mechanic for zeroing in on unspotted tanks that stand on a ridge is implemented and also how the zeroing process and the random scatter factor of artyshots is different to the one of normal tanks in WoT.

cheers and have a nice day!

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