I did a thing … What to do with 48 BP tokens?


Just completed all four chapters. I’ve been … uhh … saving. All Battle Pass tokens from this and last BP. My problem is … I already have all of the tanks I want:

Kunze Panzer (one of my favorites in the game) Char Futur 4 (fantastic tank) K-91-PT (don’t play this too much) AE Phase 1 (I absolutely suck with heavies, but I’m gonna learn how to play this one if it kills me (and it might))

We’re only allowed to grab one piece of Bounty equipment. Otherwise I’d maybe grab all 11 of them. So …

I’ll probably get the KPz 3 Project whatever whatever because I do like snipers so I’ll see how it handles. One piece of Bounty eqpt, and then I guess the remaining 18 go to bonds. Huge waste but it’s a good problem to have. Unless someone else has any clever ideas.

Ackshually … I think I’ll grab the German TD, the Obj 777 v2 (no interest whatsoever in this one) and then the rest go to bonds. So that’s 27 + 9 = 36 tokens, and then 1200 bonds. So at least I have an extra Rooshin heavy if I ever want one to play around with.

I’d grab the Lorr 50 t but my son, the up-and-coming unicum (seriously … if college wasn’t in his way and if he cared more, he’d be way up there) says that the Lorraines suck as heavies. And from what I’ve read, they do. Wait … looking thru everything right now (tech tree, collectors vehicles, …), I thought there was a Lorraine 40 t or something or other (not the SPGs). Am I mistaken or was this back in the day?

So, thoughts?

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