I did the Object 780 math

I did the math for the Object 780 and just wanted to share.

Ironically, my job was made easier by the fact that the amount of gold needed to buy it purely with gold is exactly equal to the max amount in one purchase from the shop, 55,000. Based on the rate of 55,000 gold costing $201.05 (in USD), then the total theoretical amount of money made is as follows:

(But before you continue reading, I know this isn’t a perfect way to estimate the total cost or amount of money made, but gold is the only resource convertible into real money)

NA server: Twenty thousand tanks at 201.05 USD (or 191.65 Euro) a piece is equal to 4,021,000 USD or 3,832,897.62 Euro

EU server: Fifty thousand tanks at 201.05 USD/191.65 Euro a piece is equal to 10,052,500 USD or 9,583,550.88 Euro

Total: 2,754,021,000 gold, for a total of 14,073,500 USD OR 13,409,934.48 Euro

I do want to clarify however, this is purely meant as informative, I do not condone, encourage, or mean to incite any violence or harassment of WarGaming’s employees or other players based on this information. I only mean to encourage discussion and all of this information is publicly available so i’m just saving others the hassle of doing the math to figure out for themselves. That being said, I don’t think this post violates any rules so I hope it doesn’t get removed.

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