I didn’t realise how bad some WOT players were

I didn’t have much interest in onslaught to begin with but when I saw someone on here mention how many credits you can make, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve played the game for many years but only recently came back from a two-year break, I’m currently sitting around 51.96% with 8k games. It feels like I have doomed myself by playing this game mode at the later stages because it honestly feels like I’m playing with a bunch of pinball wizards (google it). Getting out of debuntant is going to be like getting out of silver in CS, I can’t anticipate how the enemy (or allies) are going to play because their gameplay is just completely sporadic. It kinda hurts knowing these accounts have gotten to T10 with 10s of thousands of battles but still have very little clue on how to play. :/

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