I do enjoy playing Ranked

Well after reading through all the hate towards Ranked Battles I got to say I just enjoy playing it, and I really mean it.

  • Max 1 EBR per team, max 2 arty’s per team.
  • Less yolo trololo donkies from second division up
  • I have a feeling there’s more communication and teamwork, not saying it’s all the time but you get the point
  • Getting to play against above average players where I can actually learn new positions/play styles
  • Completely different meta from randoms, different tactics
  • If you want to rank up constantly, you need to actually think before you do any move

I mean, yeah people cry about gold spam, arty or EBRs but everybody can play those tanks or have full gold load out. I am not super unicum player and have 52,5% WR but I get to finish ranked every time (Usually Bronze, sometimes Silver league). So if I can do it, you can make it work too! What do you think?

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