I dont find Heavies easy to play (good)

tl;dr: I’m too stupid for heavies, how do I git gud?

So usually, people tell newbies to start with heavily armores vehicles, because they are easier to play than less armored, but more mobile vehicles.

Granted, you might be lucky and accidentally bounce a shot here and there and you are so slow, that you don’t end up in trouble so fast.

But then there’s me playing sluggish tanks like the E 75 (which is arguably the best tier 9 heavy) and my cool new TS-5 (which is one of the best heavy TDs) and yes, I have good battles in both of them, but theres no other class of tanks, that makes me tilt so fast and hard. They all are SO much more dependent on the team, the map, the matchmaking, your commitment to one side at the beginning and RNG, that (for me) it feels like pure luck and takes a pretty slow match (which is rare nowadays) to actually be better than ‘decent’.

I’m pretty sure, that I can make a mobile, weakly armored med or even a light work easier and in way more situations and matchmakings than the sluggish-fraction.

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