I don’t understand this community #4: The irrational fear of 279e in t10 matches…

Yes, “279E is a stronk tank and is even stronger against monkeys, and players that refure to load the skill rounds (me, professional scrublord)

Jokes aside, what’s the fear of the 279e in tier 10 matches? there’s so many gold rounds flaying around that it surprises me how bad a team morale can get when they see a platoon of 279es or just one of these, the thing is cheese in tier 10 matches, we had this match in Himelsdorf and platoon of 279s decided to push train rails (idk why, i don’t make the rules).

Our team inmediatedly changed the strat: 2 121Bs, 2 FVs and a Jageroo instantly went to intercept them, as soon as they got to our position they got obliterated.

Of course this was possible due to the team not being brainded, my question is, with the average gold pen values being so high in t10 matches, why do people just give up the match as soon as 1 of these things appear in a match?


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