I enjoy current Frontline iteration

Yeah, yeah, I know, triple airstrike, but hear me out.

When you defend you might prefer different perks than when you’re attacking. Now you have a chance to pick some more useful perks depending on your side

Also, yes, as controversial as it is, it’s fun to be able to double bomb enemies.

Imagine old TV commercial voice:

Are you tired of OP premiums? Progettos and bourrasques are ruining your day? Fear not tanker! DoubleMcBomb is here to save the day! Now you can blast them twice for that extra spice!

Last frontline felt a bit boring, when I was grinding to get all rewards, it was always: cs-LIS->122TM->Renegade->astron Shrex->bourrasque->repeat. Now I can experiment on the run with different perk combinations and sometimes there’s a chance my enemy didn’t roll any airstrike so I can abuse hulldown position without worrying about getting bombed where in previous frontlines it was CERTAIN that enemy will have a airstrike

Game events are about some new twist to everyday gameplay and that’s what this frontline edition is, a fresh breeze in day to day grind

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