I find it funny how WG always nerfs free gift/reward tanks before release, but then releases very powerful premiums and sometimes even buffs them more.

From recent memory look at kv-1sa which lost 1 shell from its magazine and intraclip went from 1s to 2.3s (though to be fair it could have been very strong with a 660 dmg clip it could fire off in 5 seconds)

And then theres the A46 british tier 6 light tank nobody plays.

Super chaffee is weaker than T37 in almost every aspect

Progetto 46 received a Free gunrammer when wg removed the ability to mount rammers on autoreloaders.

BZ-176 had a lot of ups and downs during testing but at some point they too decided the 2nd HE shell should have 225 pen instead of 75 for the final version, and also made the roof harder to overmatch.

Of course a company needs to make money and what better way to do it than make paid tanks stronger than free tanks.

Anyway, what other examples can you remember, what do you think of all this?

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