I find it hard to like the M48 patton. Anyone else?

A few months back it was Top of the Tree and i allready had the Pershing so i thought i would finish the grind, i did but i didnt buy it, until a few days ago, X-Mas silver from the event 🙂

But it kindof just feels like playing a shitty Leopard. It has some armor but the armor is so bad that it doesnt matter and is in action as effective as the Leo 1. The turretarmor is absolutely useless once gold is loaded, no weakspot needed. The gun even with 0.3 dispersion, Bond Vents and Bounty Accuracy it still feels incredibly derpy like the STB1 and CS63. The turret armor feels non existent and the weakspot on top needless. I have been penned more on my mantlet or general turret front (strongest armor) than the weakspot itself. It is very slow and doesnt go above 45. I mean at close ranges it is pretty good, i just had a 6.5K damage game. But for all intents and purposes it feels like a shitty Leopard. Am i the only one? Anyone else having some struggles with this tank? I find it hard to like this tank and it feels like a worse Cent AX which also isnt that good imo.

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