I fudging suck at this game!

Okay, thats half true. Overall I am a somehow-average player. But my gameplay ist inconsistent as balls.

On some days, everything seems to work like a charm and I have one good battle after the other.

The next day, everything goes to shit. Shots fly everywhere, everyone outspots me, everyone shoots me, everyone always penetrates me – not blaming the game, RNG or the teams here, I’m pretty sure, the problem is me.

Sometimes I end up on a map and I have no clue, what to do with myself. Today for example I was on Glacier with the E 75 in T10 matchmaking – usually I would drive straight into the middle and then to the heavy line. But then halfway there, a Vz55 overpeeks the middle, gives me both shots, Progetto from the left, arty hit – battle over after about 1:30. What else am I supposed to do?

Or those roflstomps – either I’m on the winning team and try to somehow run after the damage ending up with maybe 2 or 3 shots or I’m on the losing team getting demolished within seconds.

So to cut a long story short: I want to be a slightly-above-average player. Whats the secret to consistently do more damage per game?

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