I have a couple of questions

Am back again with more questions this time

Are there specific things I have to do to train my crew faster in the T-34-85M. People have told me and I’ve seen people say stuff like “Once you finished your 1st skill, swap it out for repairs” and “Wait till your hallway through your second skill before switching it out. There’s a good chance I misheard these lines but I still don’t get what they’re saying. Can’t I just train Snapshot on my Gunner for example before Brothers In Arms or Repairs?

Why are there so many T-34-85M’s?

Look I know all new players like me get it for free for a 10 day rental period. But the one’s I see always seem to be permanent (like they have 2d styles on them and stuff). I always see at least 1 or 2 per match and I wanna know why it’s seemingly everywhere

I plan on using this setup (Turbo/Gun Rammer/Vents) for my T-34-85. Do you guys think it’s a good setup?

Sorry if the questions are dumb, Idk much about WoT although I’m watching more vids

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