I have absolutely no clue how to play Frontlines

Seriously. Never played Frontlines before – played two battles now, once I somehow became a major, the second time I ragequitted after half the battle because ain’t nobody got time to wait half an hour to respawn. Its like 90% of the time I’m driving after enemies only to suddenly get farmed by 35 Progetto 46s, 19 Bourrasques and 4 Škoda T 56s standing on some hill or inside some ridiculous fucking bunker. Or after 10 minutes of driving I reach a safe(ish) position and get fucked by 12 airstrikes.

Where the hell am I supposed to go on those big ass maps? Its like everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by elevated positions and if I’m trying to get (literally) on top myself, I get farmed on my way there and have to do something with my remaining 2 hp, once I’m there

Tips and tricks very welcome.

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