I have an EU account. I want to also create an Asia account and be able to switch between the two.

I live in the U.K. and am loving WoT playing on my EU account.

My wife and I have bought a house in Thailand (subtle brag), so from time to time we will spend some time there. So when I’m in the U.K. I want to play on the EU account, and when I’m Thailand I’d love to play on an Asia account.

Last time we were there I really struggled to download and install the Asia server on my laptop (which already had EU on it). I believe I even deleted everything but still it defaulted to EU somehow.

So the question is how do you create two accounts for two different servers and swap between them? I’m obviously ready to start fresh on the Asia server, I’m not asking for any ‘transfer’ of the account which I understand is impossible.


Ps I did a whole bunch of searching but don’t seem to have found the answer yet, appreciate any help!

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