I just got the T110E5 and it is by far the most fun tank I have played in this game

I’m relatively inexperienced, the E5 is my fourth tier X tank (following the E3, FV, and IS-7) and I was a little nervous it would be hard to play based on what I’ve heard about it… But I’m shredding it out there. Most of the time whoever I’m facing just panics and misses my weak spot when I peek. And even if they do pen me, I can usually pen them 2-3 times in the same timeframe.

This thing is a blast and I’m surprised it isn’t considered more competitive with its DPM. In the hands of someone who can aim quickly (or just hulldown with an obstacle on the left), it’s an absolute monster.

For reference I have experimental mobility, experimental survivability, and bond rammer on it… it’s cracked out.

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