I know only memes reach ‘HOT’ in this subreddit, but how about we made some tournament cheaters reach ‘HOT’ – mod in question broken / destructible objects – replay attached.

Short information: Was playing a 3v3 tier 9 wot tournament for a chance to get some gold: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/tournaments/5000005605/ – got to semi finals between teams: 210 HESH Centurion (ours) vs Erlowski_Da_CHEATER (theirs).

Players in question: WiSzU_GoNeXt /// Erlowski_GoNeXt /// Fallen_GoNeXt

Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5916961

Moments of interest: 3:37 + 3:03
1) 3:37 – how did their player know that from the whole bottom side of the map I would be peeking exactly specifically there.
2) 3:03 – how did their player know that I would not stay where I was / go south to make the game a draw.

There’s no map better than Ensk for showcasing the broken objects modification. And of course, touch 1 pebble on the ground and they instantly know where you are and are pre-aiming the corners.

Then they do the standard silent approach when asked to share their replays. Not sus at all.
What’s also suspicious is that they have their own clan [GONXT] with all the ‘GoNeXt’ members. Perhaps they’re afraid to go to other clans as ‘outsiders’ as the players there would have questions.


Anyway feel free to share your experiences with cheaters in wot in the comments. If WG isn’t doing anything maybe it’s time for the players to pool together all the suspicious players / replays.

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