I like Kunze Panzer

Decided to give it a go even though I’m focusing on Manticore. I am pleased. Didn’t even notice that it’s a sniper tank, which is my favorite kind.

This is from yesterday

My setup so far but that’s prone to change. Kinda think this is tank I could put some bounty on it.

Statistic from 30 battles. Yea I think I like this tank.

It feels kind of sluggish, yet on paper it can reach 70km/h. In base case I can move up to 50 km/h.Siege mode is nonsense but I use it sometimes. I see no reason for a tank to have longer reload time in siege mode. Strv B for example loads faster. Can’t find dispersion info for siege mode, but I always buff dispersion on my tanks. Bounty improved aiming will be first equipment upgrade.

It misses often. But when it hits, huge alpha damage is satisfying.

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