I made a drunk support ticket, reading it sober made me laugh.

Listen, I understand you guys don’t like bad words by your EULA. Hear is the deal, you’ve created a game with a bunch of introverts like myself who like to complain and harass our team to make the game better from their poor play styles and skill levels. We can agree the little bit of bullying we get in life made us stronger. Made us stronger of our weakness’s and made us harden up to fight against our opposition… My language isn’t justified and I accept your oppressions of freedom of speech because its your rules not mine. But here’s the deal. 90% of your player bases frustrations isn’t with the players its with the game mechanics. RNG, team matchups are on your part. I would venture to guess if your company had the audacity to even throw a poll to see what frustrates players the most and gives them chat bans and harassment bans it would be 90% YOUR game mechanics and 10% our immaturity to harass players. I have been in several clans it they all get chat bans for calling bad names and words. Listen I get it, its clearly not on a reporting system its on a bot autobot ban based on keywords. But here’s the deal, not everyone is an idiot like me who keeps paying thousands of dollars that pay for your Alyonka chocolate bars and Emelya rye croutons. The solution is this. The people who buy Kranvaugn free xp tanks and TS-5 tanks aren’t the new player trying to get an advantage. Its the players who have accounts vested and actually enjoy the beautiful game you made. But the sword is double edged and they are the ones who hate you the most. Jump on reddit and start reading how to appease to your loyal and abused fan base. Ill give you money, I love your historical and fun factors you put into the game. I hate frontline, but guess who plays it. ME. Please start focusing on the game fundamentals and balance it out. You can make more money, and get new players if it was competitive. I have a group of 15 friends I’ve played online for 15 years and 13 of them wont play tanks based on the mechanics and philosophical approach you’ve put toward the game, but YET they play Counter strike still because its at least BALANCED. You can have certain aspects that are Over Powered like the 239e an stuff and u did a good job with that but the fact of the matter is you put in ridiculous RNG factors that are PREDICTABLE. If i have a good match in a skorpion I know for a fact my next match is gonna be terrible… Balance that stuff, its got to the point that people honestly hate to love the game. Its like living with Amber Heard in a 1 bedroom apartment. You know the sex is good but you know if you fall asleep you can roll over in a turd. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE speak your voice from your cubicle and make this game more appealing to your elder loyal audience. We have spent thousands of dollars and don’t mind the somewhat pay to win aspect but in the end we are suffering from your choices as a company to try an aid the new player and abuse the loyal player. #prayersforukraine.

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