I met riggers in both my games while grinding E50

So i was grinding my E50 today (horrible grind btw).

And in two of my games i had this =



Guess who won 🙂


So i checked the accounts because someone in my team spammed “rigging chieftain please report them” at first i thought it was just another crazy wot player who was annoyed by chieftain and wanted us to report them but then i saw this =

Chieftain player and 5 out of 6 players in the 2 platoons were the same in the 2 games (what a coincidence)

How can i report them and is rigging like this permabannable ???


Proofs here


Chieftain profile (iyouxin clan btw) = https://imgur.com/a/cNSF9Ov

Proof that the chief was there in the two games =

game 1= https://imgur.com/a/AVVqGmT

game 2= https://imgur.com/a/M1efRnh

His mate =

game 1= https://imgur.com/a/KnWIwSf

game 2= https://imgur.com/a/oMYlR7X

(note how he does a shitty game to let the chieftain collect it all)

The platoon in my team (rigging with them) = i only show one of them but they are all 3 in both games

game 1= https://imgur.com/a/1bSrUAp

game 2= https://imgur.com/a/fRON973

The chieftain stats = https://imgur.com/a/FqtyLYG

Good stats but clearly not enough to 2 moe it clearly rigged

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