I miss the old WoT

I miss it when there was more tech tree tanks than premium tanks. I miss when tanks weren’t balanced around gold shells. I miss when teir 8s weren’t comparable to teir 10 in anyway.

Now everything is a blatantly overpowered in someway because it won’t sell otherwise. Everyone has a abundance silver now so they don’t hesitate to slings gold rounds. Majority of my games I’m damaged by gold rounds, usually the first shot I receive is a gold round.

I haven’t unlocked field mods yet so this is juat speculation. Field mods below teir 7 are there solely to seal club, no one but seal clubbers are going to benefit from it. I sure don’t because I have to elite the tank to get access to it. And then at that point why stick around? I personally hate tier 1 through 6 so I never stick around more than I need too.

Side not, I never got to play wot in its glory days on PC, i was stuck on the disowned console version.

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