I need help to block the game, for my brother.

Hello, I need the help of the community, my younger brother is obsessed with the game ( He is 15 years old) , at first he showed no signs, and now he is even neglecting the school.


I know how to block by router, but I would need to know the IP addresses to totally block world of tanks services in general, that I could not even play the Blitz version on the smartphone

at least block him until we see that he can overcome it because it is already worrying us, he is beginning to fail in school and socially he has become addicted to being +10 hours in a row in the game, we have tried to regularize him, but he is able to find an opportunity to reconnect, I am not in contact with the community, because I have really met many excellent people, but the family should be first of all and he is taking on the characteristics of a NEET, but as a family we want to attack these symptoms before, that’s why I ask this community for help.


thanks for reading

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