I need help with Conway or any other camping td for that matter

So i have Conway at the moment and I’ve had many battles with it (only 20k exp left to unlock the barn. Now im not sure if it’s just me but sometimes i have braindead feel when i camp for 5 min straight and nobody is getting spotted so I can’t get the shots in then i decide to rush and die soon after. I just become bored by sniper td play when there are no targets. I know many people prefer stock gun on Conway but for some reason i like the top one since i can shoot and fall back more like support td rather than sniper and since that’s my doctrine on how to play the Conway i want to hear you guys what do you think and how should i improve myself and not to be bored while playing the Conway. (I have first moe, got it using only top gun) but from time to time i yolo like braindead and die instantly maybe bcs i was bored idk. Help pls)

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