I need help with my T54 pls!

I have around 2k games, T54 is my first t9 tank and during the last 2 weeks I’m just throwing games with it. Which wasn’t necessarily the case before, idk if its because of the battle pass mission. I don’t have more than 1h or so to complete my missions each day so I play way too aggressively or if it’s just me discovering what’s truly to play at tier 9 and 10. Because most of my 30 first games where basically tier 8/9 or so and most of my 30 last games were with t10. All of this to ask what are your advices for me, how to play, and if somebody is willing to play with me my pseudo is NeoCaesar, playing on NA.

Thank you very much guys!

Here is my tomato.gg (don’t know if you can click on it like this) https://www.tomato.gg/stats/NA/NeoCaesar=1038977659?page=main

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