I Need Some Serious Advices

Hello friends, I want to tell you about myself. Those who do not want to read can look directly at the last paragraph.

I have an account that I opened in 2014. But I’ve never been able to play this game well. I get zero point in some matches. I’ve been researching for a long time how I can play well. I follow famous streamers. I look at their playing styles to learn something. But it’s not working. I play very bad all the time.

I want to play light tank, but people expect me to scout. I can’t be selfish because WoT is a team game. Another problem is that no matter how far I go, I can’t spot anyone. That’s why I gave up playing light tanks.

I am currently using the Hellcat tank that the game gave me. I also purchased the T26 Patriot tank with Bonds. BUT I can’t play both properly. Especially when playing these two tanks, I can’t take a position. In only one out of 10 matches, I can do a decent job.

Here comes my question. I’m playing like a noob. I’m having trouble getting a position. Which tank should I choose? Which tank can even novices play comfortably? Especially Tier 5-6-7 Tanks

Please don’t suggest premium tanks because I don’t have money to buy. F

Don’t tell me to delete the game. I want to play. please.


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