I need tips how to improve faster and what to look out for

Hello guys, I have an overall wn8 of 960, in my latest 30 days I have 1550, the 30 days before 1300 wn8 and last 24 hours 1680. My problem is I don’t have something to look out for to set focus on, right now I try to use my hp better, but nothing else. Also I just don’t feel like a dark green/green player, I often make big mistakes with loosing a lot of my hp very stupid in the beginning or even die with just 1-3 shots, rarely even with 0 dmg.

Is it maybe also good to play with better players? I don’t have anyone better, but I am the one with the hightest wn8 of my mates, they have 1270 and 950 in the last 30 days, but I feel like we all play on the same level.

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