I need tips to survive in Tier 10 as a support tank

With the words “support tank” I mostly define medium tanks that cannot tank at all and are forced to take a less active role in early and mid match, letting the heavies slug with each other while the arties bomb the brawl, while taking potshots wherever possible until the teams start to thin out and the threat is lower, at which point it’s possible to be more aggressive.

Examples include Leopard 1, TVP 50/51, maybe T-62A (because no hull armor), BC 25t, etc.

With this post I’m asking for tips on how to improve my contribution to the team while driving one such tank. Camping too much is not good, but so is rushing forward too early and dying like a muppet. City fights (e.g. Ensk, Minsk) are also troublesome as there’s not much room to set up a good firing position and help teammates.

tl;dr – what should I do to not suck while driving a paper tank in Tier 10?

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