I really, but i mean REALLY want the tier 4 3D style for my AMX M4 54 (the battle pass one). Thing is i only repaired my PC like two days ago and only started playing to grind that battlepass. Anyone know how i can get there?

First off, Yeah, i am willing to pay if possible, not too much though.

also, Does anyone know if it’s possible to reach the right tier in time for free? I really love it’s style, i could content myself of the tier 3 (if even possible) but those copper plates give it something so great.

My matchmaking has been terrible yesterday so i didn’t get really high in the tiers and i have played a couple of hours only. Tomorrow is Saturday so it’s grind time for me.

My highest tier is 8 (and I’ll get the tier 9 soon enough ig), But i want to buy a premium, any recommendations for one that’s currently cheap enough and that performs well to help me grind fast?

Thanks in advance for your help. I also have 3000 bonds and if you guys think i should invest in one of the 3 tanks at this price for their performance, tell me so.

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