I shoot gold ;) Do you?

Hello Tankers,

For wn8 and also marks (which I don’t try to get unless i get close) I shoot 10-12 gold rounds first always. Reasoning.

To do my tanks HP in damage. You never know what tank you will see first and the type of player you will fight and also helps with that pop shot if taken to pen most spots. Helps slowly get marks up on tanks I like.

I don’t just play for wn8 btw. I play to enjoy the game. Number 2 reason is the main reason for gold. After that I go to my regular rounds. It does help and you have to admit if your team is failing right away helps counter balance the noobs that cant pen with regular rounds or even gold or don’t know how to play there tank. I’m a heavy kinda guy from super heavies to lighter ones. If you shoot gold and how much or non at all what is your reasoning?

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