I still suck in T-10…

In opposition to my previous post I’m serious now.

I fully admit. I just don’t know how to play it. Where to go. How to use it. What to do with it.

And the funny thing is that I know the answers for all of this questions! But only in theory. In practice nothing works!

I abandoned the idea of going to the heavy line no matter what MM. I see no places there where T-10 can have an impact or make a non-suicidal play.

Because of that I’m fighting more at mid-range against MTs where the gun goes from “good” to “annoyingly inconsistent”. 8 shots, 4 hits, 2 pens. I’ve already replaced the Hardening with Vents, but after more and more games I’m starting to hate this gun so much I’m considering dropping Rammer for IAU.

Please help me somehow, because I’m about to lose my hope in my abilities and go full Tomato again…

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